Last updated on the 25th of April 2024

Hello there! If you’re reading this then you’re either a sentient web spider, or a human being looking for an experienced software developer. You may have found a link to this page on my LinkedIn profile, or I may have sent you here if you made the unfortunate decision of sending me an e-mail.

In the past, this page housed a rather exhaustive list of things I was looking for in a perfect job and a bunch of other things, but seeing as you probably value you your time as much as I do mine, I’ve shortened it to just some basic instructions.

Some things you need to know:

  • I do not deal with agency recruiters
  • I am currently employed, and not interested in leaving
    • If I do leave, I am most likely to do so as a Freelancer
  • I work a 32 hour part-time job (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), this is non-negotiable
  • I live in Twente, and am neither willing to relocate nor comfortable commuting by car
    • This also means emigration is a no-go
  • Even if I were interested in leaving, I would not consider:
    • Consultancy (or “Detachering”)
    • Midlance companies
    • Companies that work on a project-by-project basis1
  • I have no interest in using older Java versions
  • I prefer technologies like Jakarta EE, Microprofile and Quarkus over Spring Boot

Do’s and don’ts

If you do decide to contact me, here’s a small list of things you should and shouldn’t do:


  • Describe your application’s technology stack in detail2
  • Give a salary range up front3
  • Be polite, I’ll return the favor
  • Include the keyword sourdough in any message you send me to confirm you have read this4


  • Misbehave
  • Insist I call you on the phone
  • Deny that you’re a recruiter5
  • Try to connect on LinkedIn, messaging is fine
  • Try getting in touch with me through my current employer
  • Send me e-mails
  • Use any variation of the phrase “let’s have coffee

  1. I currently work at a product-based software company 

  2. The more detailed the better. Bonus points for simply doing mvn dependency:tree (or whatever the Gradle equivalent is) and sending me that 

  3. Would you rather spend hours interviewing me only to find out you can’t afford me? I don’t 

  4. Yes, this is a different keyword than the one on my LinkedIn profile. That way I can see if you read both 

  5. Your job description may state otherwise but if you’re contacting me with the goal of getting me to work either for 

you or for your client then the activity you’re performing is recruitment. In English, adding the suffix -er to a verb is used to create a noun that means person or thing that does <verb>, so be engaging in recruitment, you are a recruiter.