Last updated on the 17th of June 2021

Hello there! If you’re reading this then you’re either a sentient web spider, or a human being looking for an experienced software developer. I might have even sent you here after you messaged me on LinkedIn.

In the past, this page housed a rather exhaustive list of things I was looking for in a perfect job and a bunch of other things, but seeing as you probably value you your time as much as I do mine, I’ve shortened it to just some basic instructions.

Some things you need to know:

  • I do not deal with agency recruiters, especially if they’re not based in the Netherlands
  • I am currently employed, and not interested in leaving
    • If I do leave, I am most likely to do so as a Freelancer
    • The current pandemic has reduced the chances of me leaving my current job down from “highly unlikely” to “not a snowball’s chance in hell”.
  • I work a 32 hour part-time job (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), this is non-negotiable
  • I live in Twente, and am neither willing to relocate nor comfortable with a long commute by car
  • I’m not available for phone calls
  • Normally I might be interested in meeting you in-person in exchange for a bribe, though due to personal circumstances I will decline such an invitation at this time.
  • Read my list of do’s and don’ts before you contact me. If you don’t I’ll likely just send you back here.