Suppose you really want to talk to me about a potential job offer, you basically have two options:

  1. Buy me lunch in exchange for 20 minutes
  2. Buy me whisky in exchange for 90 minutes

Both options are only available if we’re not currently in the middle of a global pandemic, you are not an agency recruiter, and I get a salary indication upfront, that I consider acceptable.


I will happily talk to you about potential jobs, in exchange for a free lunch at the Broodbode in Deventer. This buys you up to 20 minutes of my time, though I expect you to be nice to the staff and tip them generously. I’m a regular customer, so if you misbehave that reflects poorly on me.


Can’t make your pitch in 20 minutes? In exchange for one of the following bottles of Scotch I’ll happily talk to you for up to 90 minutes:

One caveat: you’ll have to arrange a venue for us to talk, and it has to be within walking distance of Deventer’s train station.

That’s pretty expensive

More expensive than an entry-level Scotch, maybe, but rather unimpressively priced on the grand scale.

Last time I checked. The BenRiach is about €200 and the Tomatin about €300. It’s not like I’m asking you to buy a bottle of Brora or Port Ellen (those start at around €1700 last time I checked).

How about ?

I won’t say no if it’s good whisky. Send me a message on LinkedIn to see how much time (if any) that buys you