I really do not like recruitment companies. While the vast majority of them will not have made it to my recruiter blacklist, I simply loathe their business model, and only in a few rare situations have they managed to suggest companies I didn’t already know or could find with a few minutes of Googling with common terms such as “java developer insert_townname_close_to_home” (see also the usual suspects list).

As such, I will not do business with recruiters, unless we already have a prior working relationship (i.e. you have my phone number and I actually answer your calls) and your name is not on the blacklist.

Foreign recruiters

Every now and then I also get contacted by recruiters from other countries, most commonly from England, though I’ve also had messages from Spain, Germany, the United States and Canada.

The restriction on agency recruiters also applies to you, and extends to in-house recruiters unless you’re looking for employees in an office that matches my criteria for a comfortable commute (I know of one local company whose HR department is in Belgium).