I really do not like recruitment companies. While the vast majority of them will not have made it to my recruiter blacklist, I simply loathe their business model, and only in a few rare situations have they managed to suggest companies I didn’t already know or could find with a few minutes of Googling with common terms such as “java developer insert_townname_close_to_home”.

As such, I will not do business with recruiters, unless we already have a prior working relationship (i.e. you have my phone number and I actually answer your calls) and your name is not on the blacklist.

Foreign recruiters

Every now and then I also get contacted by recruiters from other countries, most commonly from England, though I’ve also had messages from Spain, Germany, the United States and Canada.

  • No, I do not want a job in another country
  • No, I do not want a remote job in another timezone
  • No, I do not want a remote job in the same timezone in a country of which I don’t speak the primary language
    • Yes, I do speak some German. No, not on a professional level, just enough for casual conversations
  • No, I do not need you to mediate a job in my own country
    • You probably only know jobs in Amsterdam, which is not an option for me
    • Yes, I know Takeaway is close to where I live
    • No, I don’t need you to introduce me, I know people who work there