The idea of working as a freelancer is appealing. Variation of assignments, freedom in choosing what to work on, the potential for making quite a bit more money than I currently do. All of those seem quite nice.

There are, however, quite a few downsides for me, personally:

  1. Hours. I currently work 32 hours a week, which gives me more personal time, and more family time. If I were to freelance, then assuming I’d be able to find assignments where 32 hours a week is acceptable, and assuming I’d be able to spend at least 40 weeks a year doing actual work (including acquisition and administration), I’d only barely reach the hour criterium to be considered an entrepreneur and have the associated tax benefits.
  2. My Commute is no longer time I can spend freely. Currently I travel to work (partially) by train, and spend that time on hobbies. This is usually spent writing fantasy books, a hobby which has suffered during times when I worked closer to home and didn’t have a set writing time.
  3. Transportation may also be an issue, depending on client locations. I’d either have to buy or lease a second car or ensure all my clients are either easily reachable by public transportation or be bike.
  4. Finding clients is something I don’t know if I would be good at. A lot of freelancers (but not all) have a history of working for internment/detachering companies, and have larger networks than I have. Going through intermediaries might also be an option, but those aren’t free.
  5. Finally, freelancers are much more vulnerable to economic downturn or health issues. The market is good right, and I am quite healthy (and I know you can get disability insurance for freelancers), but I’m slightly risk-averse, so this is another barrier.